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255 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States


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December 2018 Helpers | Events

Celebrating 125 Years of Ministry in NYC!

Celebrate CHRISTMAS! クリスマスをお祝いしましょう!
Christmas Flyer
Christmas Invitation:
English Japanese
Sunday December 23 11:00am 12月23日 (日) 午前11時
Worship Service and Potluck Lunch Party following Worship
Please RSVP on sign up sheets for guests and volunteers
Christmas Caroling Visitations クリスマス・キャロル訪問 Dec 8 (Sat) 1pm-3pm (meet at JAUC)

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Please bring canned goods that will be contributed to City Harvest to feed the hungry in NYC until mid-January 2019.この程、日米合同教会としてニューヨーク市で行なわれているCity Harvestに協力し、NYCで食べ物に困り飢えている人々の為に缶詰を持ち寄りたいと思いますので、皆様のご協力を頂ければと思います。

Welcome to JAUC!

Full Time Pastor We are currently hiring for the position of Full Time Pastor. (Job Description: PDF) (webpage) If interested, please contact the JAUC office at

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Haruyama Scholarship application for 2018 (PDF)  (Word)

Mission Statement
JAUC is a Christian community seeking to reach out, especially to Japanese and those who are interested in Japan in the greater New York City area, with the purpose of sharing faith in Christ and growing together in Christian discipleship through worship, fellowship, study, evangelism and mission.

Our Denominations 
The Reformed Church in America:;
The United Methodist Church:

“Together, the Body of Christ; 
Individually, Its Parts ”
- I Corinthians 12:27


For over 100 years, JAUC has been faithfully serving a diversity of people with Japanese backgrounds living in the New York City area. We are a caring family of Christ and invite you to join us through Sunday services and other ministries of the church.

JAUC is a bilingual congregation that offers Sunday services in both English and Japanese. We have a variety of group activities conducted in either one or both languages.

Our congregation includes: Japanese-speaking pioneer Isseis; English-speaking Niseis and Sanseis; newly arrived Japanese immigrants; Japanese businessmen and businesswomen; college students from Japan; and others who share an affinity with Japanese culture and Christian community

More about our beliefs . . .The Four Spiritual Laws





日米合同教会の歴史は、1893 年(明治26 年)に日本人伝道者岡島金弥がニューヨーク市ブルックリン区にて福音伝道を始めた時代まで遡ることができます。大戦後、1953 年(昭和 28 年)に当時ニューヨークにあった3つの日系人教会が一緒になり、日米合同基督教會(現日米合同教会)が誕生しました。2003 年9 月に、創立 110 周年、合同 50 周年の記念行事が催されました。

More about our beliefs . . . Four Spiritual Laws in Japanese


Donations for Disaster Relief- If you would like to make a special donation in response to the recent hurricanes, earthquake or wildfires, please make out your check to the "Japanese American United Church" with the memo "disaster relief." You can also donate using the donation button at the top of this page. These donations will be sent to the disaster relief ministries of the UMC and RCA.合同メソジスト教会及びアメリカ改革派教会の災害救済活動に特別献金をされたい方は"Japanese American United Church" 宛にメモ欄に"災害救援"とおかきください。

Warm Clothes Needed-We are in need of warm clothes donations (especially for men). As the cold weather begins, many who are in need come to the church door asking for help during the week教会に温かい衣類を求める方の数が増えます。男性用の充分に着用可能な洗濯済みのコートや上着の寄付を承ります。

Altar Flowers - The 2018 Altar Flower calendar is now on the bulletin board in the Social Hall. Please sign up for the Sunday(s) on which you would like to make the flower offering. The suggested donation is $35. We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in arranging flowers for Sunday Service. Please see Kaoru Suzuki if you are interested. 2018年の  「献花予定表」が社交室の掲示板に貼ってあります。感謝、記念日などに聖壇にお花を捧げ、礼拝に於いて共にお祝いできますことは感謝です。聖壇献花の献金は35ドル程度をメドとさせて頂いています。

Sunday Worship Helpers: We need Sunday Worship Helpers for liturgists, Bible readers, ushers and greeters. A sign up schedule chart for Sunday Worship Helpers is on the side wall of the bulletin board in the social hall. If anyone who would like to help out during our worship service, please sign up your name or talk to Tomoko Suzuki.日曜礼拝のヘルパー:司会、聖書朗読、案内係、受付等、日曜礼拝を手伝って頂ける方が必要です。ヘルパー予定表を社交室の掲示板脇の壁に貼ってあります。何方でも礼拝を手伝って頂ける方はヘルパー予定表に名前を記入して下さい。又は、鈴木智子姉までご連絡下さい。

Lunch time clean up helpers and volunteers are needed to help clean up after lunch. Please sign up in the Social Hall sign up sheet when you can.昼食後の片づけの手伝いをよろしくお願い致します。社交室のサインアップシートをご利用ください。