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255 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States


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255 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10001 | | 212-242-9444
Pastor Kazutoshi Takahashi |
Sunday Worship Service: 11AM; Sunday School 10:30AM (Summer break starts 6/27)


Pastor Takahashi is holding a Bible study on the 4th floor Sunday School classroom every Sunday (except the 1st Sunday), from 2:00pm. 高橋先生のオフィスアワーは、第3日曜日午後3時、毎週火曜日午後1時半-3時、木曜日午後5時-6時半です。上記以外でもアポイントメントによる個人面談が可能ですので、先生までご連絡下さい。 Pastor Takahashi’s office hours are: 3rd Sunday 3PM; every Tuesday 1:30PM -3PM; Thursday 5PM-6:30PM. You can see him on other days by appointment (pastorkaz10001@gmail. com)

Praise Time in August! JAUC used to have praise time, every 5th Sunday. We would like to restore it! On Sunday, August 30, from 1:30pm to 3pm, we will have praise time with praise, testimony, and sacred dance. The theme is “Sing to the Lord New Songs.” Please join us! For details, please contact Ms. Noriko Kumada. 賛美集会の予定 JAUCでは以前、毎月第5日曜の午後に賛美集会(プレイズタイム)を礼拝堂で開催していましたが、この8月からこの集いを再開したいと思います。8月30日(日)午後1時半から3時まで、「新しい歌を主に捧げよう」というテーマで、賛美、証し、プレイズダンスなどで神様をたたえる予定です。問合せは音楽主事の熊田法子姉まで。

Choir practice -Summer Vacation, will resume in the fall.

JCFN VIP Meeting 7/6 7:15PM