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October Calendar

Join us: 

Sunday School and Youth Program will resume on Sept. 11. Every Sunday, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM Age: 3 years old to 6th grade (12 years old)

Yukiko Ishida with Newmann University Concert Chorale

Yukiko Ishida with Newmann University Concert Chorale

Dr. Yukiko Ishida

Dr. Yukiko Ishida

The Third Praise Workshop (Oct. 23)
Dr. Yukiko Ishida, director of the Newmann University Concert Chorale, will come to JAUC again to conduct a praise workshop on Sunday, Oct.23, at 1:30PM in the sanctuary. She will teach on how we can express our love for God with our voices. Some of the Concert Chorale’s members will also come. We are planning to praise "Pace e bene" composed by Yukiko Ishida, during the offertory. If you would like to join as a volunteer, please join the choir practice at 9:30am. Invite your friends!
第3回プレイズワークショップ 10月23日
日米合同教会では、ニューマン大学合唱団のディレクターである石井雪子博士を再び招いて、10月23日の午後1時半から、プレイズワークショップを行います。ワークショップでは、私たちの声を使って、神様への愛を表現することを学びます。ニューマン大学合唱団のメンバーの方も参加される予定です。今週オファトリーで、石井雪子さん作曲の"Pace e bene”を賛美します。ボランティアで共に賛美して下される方は、聖歌隊の朝の練習が9時半からありますので、是非ご参加ください。

Small Group Mr. Sora Enomoto started a new small group “Ministry of Discernment” in September. The purpose of this weekly meeting is to listen to “the light murmuring sound of the Lord” (1 Kings 19:12) through Bible reading, 30-minute silent meditation, and sharing. It is held at the 3rd floor of JAUC every Wednesday (reading Matthew) and Thursday (Genesis) at 7pm.

Second Sundays Prayer Meeting 10:15-10:45AM, bilingual, Social Hall

Choir practice - every Sunday from 9:30AM to 10:15AM in the Sanctuary. 聖歌隊は毎週日曜日9時半から10時15分までです。礼拝堂

ESL & J-Forum: During the Sunday lunch hour, an English program for Japanese speakers, conducted by Ms. Antoinette Jones of John Jay College, is being held in the JAUC Social Hall. Mr. Sora Enomoto is also leading a Japanese language course during this time. Social Hall, lower level. JAUCでは毎週昼食タイムに、アントワネット・ジョーンズ姉による英語のコースが持たれています。また「J-Forum」として、英語を話す方々が日本語を学ぶコースも榎本空兄の指導により昼食タイムに開かれています。

Free Childcare in the nursery (2nd floor) will be available from 10:30am.

The 2016 Flower calendar is now on the bulletin board in the Social Hall. Please sign up for the Sunday(s) on which you would like to make the flower offering. The cost is $35. We are also looking for volunteers interested in arranging flowers for Sunday Service. Please see Kaoru Suzuki if interested. 2016年の  「献花予定表」が社交室の掲示板に貼ってあります。感謝、記念日などに聖壇にお花を捧げ、礼拝に於いて共にお祝いできますことは感謝です。(35ドル)。 
Lunch time clean up helpers and volunteers are needed to help clean up after lunch. Please sign up in the Social Hall sign up sheet when you can.

Leonia Japanese Service The SMJ (Special Ministry to Japanese; Coordinator: Ms. Imado) is holding a Japanese worship service at the Presbyterian Church in Leonia NJ (181 Fort Lee Road, Leonia) every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The service is aimed at those who are new to the Christian faith and to children who have attended Discovery Camp. If you have any Japanese friends living in Fort Lee area, please recommend the service to them! SMJレオニア礼拝 SMJ(Special Ministry to Japanese)による日本語礼拝が、NJ州レオニアの長老派教会181 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ 07605)で毎月第1・3日曜午後3時に持たれています。「キリスト教は初めて」という方をターゲットにした礼拝を組んでおりますので、お知り合いがフォートリー近辺にお住まいでしたら、どうぞお勧め下さい。