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September Calendar

Join us: 

Sunday School and Youth Program will resume on Sept. 11. Every Sunday, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM Age: 3 years old to 6th grade (12 years old)

Second Sundays Prayer Meeting 10:15-10:45AM, bilingual, Social Hall

Celebration of Life: Rev. Joshua Shimomura Sunday, 9/18, 1:30 pm, in the Sanctuary, JAUC community celebrates the life of Shimomura-sensei who served in our Sunday School to nurture many leaders and the communion service for a long time. 9月18日下村先生の思い出を語る会 "Remembering Rev. Shimomura" を行います。下村ジョシュア牧師は、日曜学校校長として、先生と子供を指導されました。下村先生の第一日曜日の聖餐式のご奉仕を忘れる事は出来ません。下村先生と奥様とし子姉の思い出を語る集いに是非ご出席ください。

Choir practice - every Sunday from 9:30AM to 10:15AM in the Sanctuary. 聖歌隊は毎週日曜日9時半から10時15分までです。礼拝堂

ESL & J-Forum: During the Sunday lunch hour, an English program for Japanese speakers, conducted by Ms. Antoinette Jones of John Jay College, is being held in the JAUC Social Hall. Mr. Sora Enomoto is also leading a Japanese language course during this time. Social Hall, lower level. JAUCでは毎週昼食タイムに、アントワネット・ジョーンズ姉による英語のコースが持たれています。また「J-Forum」として、英語を話す方々が日本語を学ぶコースも榎本空兄の指導により昼食タイムに開かれています。

Vocal Praise Workshop Sunday 9/11 1:30 pm, in the Sanctuary, Yukiko Ishida, Associate Professor of Music at Neumann University, Artistic Director of the Neumann University Concert Chorale, and Minister of Music at Union United Methodist Church in Havertown, PA. will lead her second vocal workshop. Everyone is invited to discover the joy of singing and praising the Lord (bilingual program). 9月11日 石田雪子先生のボーカルワークショップがあります。先週の日曜7月31日にそのプリビューをして20人以上の参加者で盛会でした。インストラクターの石田先生はan associate professor(准教授) of music at Neumann University, artistic director(音楽監督) of the Neumann University Concert Chorale and minister of music(音楽主事) at Union United Methodist Church in Havertown, PA 

The 6th East Coast Japanese Church Family Camp (flyer pg1 pg2) will be held at Honor’s Heaven, Ellenville, NY, from September 3 (Saturday) to 5 (Monday). The theme of this year is “The Scripture and the World Undergoing Change: Discerning the Situations in Middle East and Europe.” Rev. Teiichiro Kuroda of Kitahama International Bible Church, who studied and served in Europe for many years, will come as the main lecturer. Gospel singer-songwriter Mr. Daisuke Yokoyama will join as musician. The programs will be conducted by Japanese, but there will be English and Korean translation. 第6回東海岸日本語教会合同ファミリーキャンプが9月3日(土)から5日(月)にかけて、NY州エレンヴィルで開催されます。今年のテーマは「激動する世界と聖書:見えない中東・欧州情勢の背景を読む」、講師として長年ヨーロッパで海外伝道をされて来た北浜インターナショナルバイブルチャーチの黒田禎一郎先生が来られます。音楽ゲストとしてはゴスペルシンガー・ソングライターの横山大輔さんが参加されます。参加申し込みは、教会員の場合は所属教会で取りまとめて申し込む予定です。

Music Director Needed JAUC is looking for a music director to provide music for Sunday worship services and direct the choir. Resumes and cover letters should be sent to Pastor Takahashi at by the Sept. 15 deadline. 音楽主事 JAUCでは、日曜礼拝での奏楽と聖歌隊の指導を担当できる音楽主事を募集しています。希望者は履歴書を9月15日までに高橋先生宛て(pastorkazまでお送り下さい。(Job Description)

Free Childcare in the nursery (2nd floor) will be available from 10:30am.

The 2016 Flower calendar is now on the bulletin board in the Social Hall. Please sign up for the Sunday(s) on which you would like to make the flower offering. The cost is $35. We are also looking for volunteers interested in arranging flowers for Sunday Service. Please see Kaoru Suzuki if interested. 2016年の  「献花予定表」が社交室の掲示板に貼ってあります。感謝、記念日などに聖壇にお花を捧げ、礼拝に於いて共にお祝いできますことは感謝です。(35ドル)。 
Lunch time clean up helpers and volunteers are needed to help clean up after lunch. Please sign up in the Social Hall sign up sheet when you can.

Leonia Japanese Service The SMJ (Special Ministry to Japanese; Coordinator: Ms. Imado) is holding a Japanese worship service at the Presbyterian Church in Leonia NJ (181 Fort Lee Road, Leonia) every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The service is aimed at those who are new to the Christian faith and to children who have attended Discovery Camp. If you have any Japanese friends living in Fort Lee area, please recommend the service to them! SMJレオニア礼拝 SMJ(Special Ministry to Japanese)による日本語礼拝が、NJ州レオニアの長老派教会181 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ 07605)で毎月第1・3日曜午後3時に持たれています。「キリスト教は初めて」という方をターゲットにした礼拝を組んでおりますので、お知り合いがフォートリー近辺にお住まいでしたら、どうぞお勧め下さい。