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255 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States



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Evenings from 7:30-9PM

キリスト教入門コース (無料)



Talk #1     “Who is Jesus?” /イエスとは?
Talk #2     “Why did Jesus die?” /イエスの死とは?
Talk #3    “How can I be sure of my faith?”/確かに信じるには?

Talk #4    "Why and how should I read the Bible?" /聖書を読むには?

Talk #5    "Why and how do I pray?" /神に祈るとは?

Talk #6   “How does God guide us?” /神の導きとは?

Talk #7   “ How can I resist evil?” 悪に対抗するには?

Talk #8   “Who is the Holy Spirit?” /聖霊とは?

Talk #9   “What Does the Holy Spirit Do?” /聖霊の働きとは? 

Talk #10“How Can I Be Filled with the Spirit?” /聖霊に満たされるには?
Talk #11    "Does God heal today?" 神のいやしとは?

Talk #12    “Why & how should we tell others?”/イエスを伝えるとは?
Talk #13    “What about the Church?”/教会とは?

Please contact us at (212) 242-9444 or if interested.