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Prayer 祈り

Prayer 祈り

Japanese Prayer Meeting: 4th Saturdays at 5pm at Osamu's place 日本語「証しと祈りの会」 毎月最終土夜5時  寒河江兄宅 For more info, please contact the JAUC office at or 212-242-9444.

CIRCLE OF CARE AND CONCERNS In your daily prayers, please remember those below.日々のお祈りの中で以下の人々あるいはことがらをおぼえて頂きたいと思います。

In your daily prayers, please remember to pray;

In your prayers, please remember: For the victims and destruction caused by the June 18 earthquake in Osaka, for all those affected by the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas and the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala; for the victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires; for health issues for Rev. Susumu Ando, Kumiko Baumann (Injury), Junko Clarke, Michiko Gorman, Hozue Higuchi, Valerie A. Igarashi, Teruo Inoue, Eiko Ishii, Rev. Kyoko Kageyama, Joe & Yoshiko Kasuga (surgery), Kenneth Kubo, Hiroshi & Yoshiko Kurihara, George Mukai, Nanako Oguri, Renee Frankel, the Shimojimas, Rev. Dr. Yugo Suzuki, Kiyotoshi Takahashi, John Yoshinaga

* Please let us know your prayer requests.

Workers of Christ In your prayer, please remember the following missionaries and pastors, whom JAUC is supporting: Rev. Nathan Brownell (Green House in Yokohama, Japan); Rev. George Honyashiki (Kishiwada Church in Osaka, Japan); Paul Suzuki (SEND International in Japan); Pauline Nishida (Campus ministry, California); Cyril Nishimoto (Iwa in California); Rev. Nakaoka (Bangkok, Thailand); Jin Takahashi (Osaka, Japan).  宣教師・牧師のための祈り  JAUCは下記の宣教師・牧師先生のためにサポートをお送りしています。どうぞ先生方の活動が神様に祝福され、豊かに実を結ぶものとなるようお祈り下さ い。ネイサン・ブラウネル先生(グリーンハウス、横浜)、本屋敷和彦先生(岸和田聖書教会、大阪府)、鈴木ポール先生(SEND International)、西田ポーリーン先生(大学生伝道、カリフォルニア)、西本シロル先生(IWAミニストリー、カリフォルニア)、中岡先生ご 夫妻(バンコク)、高橋仁先生(大阪府)。